Event Chairs

  • Sophie Hayward
  • Liz Farrell
  • Caroline Brinckerhoff

Event Committee

  • Vince Carey
  • Linda Voigt Coates
  • Carolyn Feinstein Edwards
  • Caitlin Fisher
  • Christine Gardner
  • Emily Ginsburg
  • Jason Goldman
  • Jennifer Goldman
  • Matthew Goldman
  • Lauren Haswell
  • Mollie Gardner Hector
  • Michelle Hughes
  • Courtney Klinge
  • Martine Krumholz
  • Mather Martin
  • Martha Miller
  • Missy Smit
    Amanda Valentino
  • Katy Congdon Williams
  • Michelle Potthoff Wylie
  • Alana Young
  • Host Committee

    Premier Party for the Parks
    Linda Voight Coates and Thomas Coates

    Golden Gate Park
    Courtney Klinge and Eric Prosnitz
    Christine and Curtis Gardner
    Lisa and John Pritzker

    McLaren Park
    Heather and Chris Guillard
    Janice Butler and Rick Weltman
    Nancy and Ed Conner
    Martha Ehrenfeld and Carla McKay
    Michelle and Justin Hughes
    Caroline and Robin Brinckerhoff
    Liz and Mark Farrell
    Sophie and Boe Hayward
    MacGregor and Mary Read

  • Lincoln Park
  • Jaclyn and Chris Gallo
    Marritje and James Greene
    Diane Morris
    Catrina and Peter Paulson
    Dr. Kathleen Welsh and Dr. Bill Plautz
    Margaret and John Ware
  • Thomas and Elanor Wehlen

Glen Canyon Park
Katie Albright and Jacob Schatz
Leith and Stewart Barry
Mollie Brown and Warren Browner
Commissioner Mark W. Buell and Ms. Susie Tomkins Buell
Rosemary Cameron and David Perper
Alison and Marc Chaput
George and Kristina Conner
Jane Dunlevie and Marten Abrahamsen
Paul and Karen Eggert
Sara and Chris Ehrlich
Coburn and Elizabeth Everdell
Lauren and Jamie Ford
William Hudson and Nora Gibson
L. Jasmine Kim and Paul Banas
Randall Laroche and David Laudon
Ann and Jim Lazarus
Richard and Jane Leider
Sterling and David Mace
Alexandra and Kevin Marchetti
Heather McFarlin
Kelly Nice and Maureen Holt
Shannon and Shawn O'Neil
Gabriela and Mark Parcella
Lindsay and Alex Ramsay
Ted and Kate Smith
Glenn Snyder and Catherine Allman
Roselyne C. Swig
Suzanne M. Tucker and Timothy Marks
Diane B. Wilsey
Alex J. Witherill
Lauren and Jamie Ford

Park Ambassadors
Beatrice Bowles and Terence Clarke
J.T. and Marybeth Cecchini
Ginny and Ed Conner
Josselyn and Matthew Eccleston
Matthew and Camilla Field
Peter Swearengen and Serena Fritz-Cope
Erik Gaensler and Shelley Marks
Phil and Emily Ginsburg
Catherine and Robert Hale
Commissioner Tom Harrison
Lauren and Michael Haswell
Anne and Dennis Herrera
Libby and Michael Hoaglin
Catherine and Brian Kwong
Farrell McElveen
Emily and Michael Millman
Elizabeth and Chris Packard
Stasia and Derek Reisfield
Tim and Yolanda Seufert
Josh and Lisa Shaskan
Jessica and Eric Spaly
Jenny and Will Stegall
Mike Sullivan and Paul Loeffler
Laura and Joseph Sweeney
Wilhelmina and Danny Tukovich
Michelle Potthoff Wylie and Greg Wylie
Kasey and Evan Wayne

San Francisco Parks Alliance